Thrifty Ways to Fill an Easter Basket

Sometimes it can be a daunting task to fill up those easter baskets without breaking the bank. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Kids Easter Baskets

  1. Stickers – Your kids will love to collect and trade their stickers. Be sure to get a package of sticker that has at least two sheets so your kids will have enough to share.
  2. Make a crafty Easter basket! Fill it up with inexpensive crafty items such as pompoms, glitter, beads, ribbons, fake flowers, yarn, glue, paint, etc. Your kids will have hours of fun making their own special crafts.
  3. Fill plastic eggs with candy or small toys. If you have little boys, they’ll love to open their eggs to find fake worms or bugs! Save these plastic eggs to reuse each year.
  4. Homemade cookies or candies are a great way to bake up some love and save money on overpriced store-bought goods. Involve your whole family and it can turn into a family tradition.
  5. Flower seeds – This can turn into a wonderful spring time tradition. Each child can plant their seeds, take care of them, and watch them grow all summer long.
  6. Coloring books or puzzle books. Don’t forget to add some crayons, colored pencils or markers as well.
  7. Books – Encourage reading with a book about one of your kids’ favorite subjects. If you've got some time, make an audio tape of yourself reading you child's favorite book. That way, your child can listen and read along anytime they want.
  8. Modeling Clay or Playdough – Our peanut butter playdough is a big hit with younger kids.
  9. Bubbles - Try making your own with our homemade bubbles recipe.
  10. Small stuffed animals – These are always a hit!
  11. Coupons - Add homemade coupons for a future outing to the park or out to get an ice cream cone.
  12. Fancy shoelaces, hair clips and ribbons - These make great fillers!
Teens Easter Baskets
  1. For teens, it's thrifty to add one item that they really want and that may cost a little extra and fill the rest with inexpensive additions.
  2. Soaps, Hair Products, Toiletries - Teenagers can never get enough beauty products. In most cases, skip the trial sizes since while they're less expensive, they're much more costly per ounce than the normal sizes.
  3. Lip Balms - Add some funky lip balms in a variety of flavors. If you're crafty, here's a recipe to make your own!
  4. Jewelry - Teenage girls can never get enough jewelry and accessories. Watch the sales at their favorite stores and you can get some pretty good prices.
  5. Healthy Snacks - Promote a healthy lifestyle by adding healthy snacks such as raisins, nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit, or granola bars.
  6. Coupons - Teenagers will also love the homemade coupon idea but you may need to get a little more creative. Try giving a coupon for their favorite meal on the night of their choice.
  7. Scrapbooking Supplies - Older kids might enjoy a variety of supplies to make their own scrapbooks.

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