Essential Candle Making Equipment

Pouring Pot (Melting Pot)

This is a seamless, flat-bottom container where your wax will be melted. A pouring pot has a handle which is very important for pouring hot wax. This is not an area where you should scrimp!

Double Boiler Bottom

Most of the time when you melt wax, you will use a double boiler. This can consist of your pouring pot inside of an old pot as the double boiler bottom. Then simply fill the the bottom pot with a few inches of water.

Heat Source

A stove top will work for this.

Candle Thermometer

You will need a good candy or candle thermometer to measure the proper temperature of your wax. These sometimes come with a clip to attach to the side of your double boiler which is very convenient.

Mold Sealant

This is the putty-like substance used to seal the wick hold of your mold.

Mold Release

Spray this inside your mold before you pour and your candle will slide out easily when cool. If you don't have any on hand, you can also use a cooking spray.

Cool Water Bath

Container in which you can place your mold to make your wax cool faster. This container just needs to be large enough to hold the mold you are using.

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