Festive Felt Ornaments

Use bright colors to make these alternative holiday ornaments. Chain a bunch together to make a beautiful garland for your christmas tree.

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Supply List

  • Felt in a variety of colors
  • Black floss
  • Fiberfill
  • Two buttons


  • Sewing Needle
  • Materials to make a pattern


  1. Make a large heart, a large star, and a small star pattern pattern.
  2. Use your pattern to make two large hearts, two large stars, and two small stars out of your desired colors of felt.
  3. Sew your buttons to the centers of the small stars.
  4. Use a running embroidery stitch to affix one small star to the center of one large heart and one small star tot he center of one large star.
  5. Use a blanket embroidery stitch to affix the second large star to the first large star and the second large heart to the first large heart. Leave a small opening so you can fill the ornaments with fiberfill. Close up the opening with a running blanket stich.
  6. Use a loop of black floss to make hangers for your ornaments.

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