Blown Out Eggs

Eggs can be wonderful mediums for your Easter crafting. The best way to keep these works of art is to blow out the insides of the eggs before you begin. Below you'll find the instructions to blow out your eggs.

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Supply List

  • Eggs


  • Needle
  • Small Dish


  1. Use your needle to two small holes in your egg; one on the top and one on the bottom. You'll have an easier time if the bottom hole is slightly larger.
  2. Poke your needle inside the egg to break any of the membranes.
  3. Next, hold your egg over your dish and blow through the top hole in your egg. The insides of the egg will be forced through the bottom hole. It may take a little work to get it started, but once you do, it should come out easily.
  4. When you egg is empty, rinse and dry your egg throughly and it is ready to decorate as you like.

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