Finger Print Egg

Your own fingers can make wonderful "paint brushes" as shown in these finger print eggs. This is also a project that kids can enjoy.

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Supply List

  • Blown-Out Egg
  • Acrylic Paint in Assorted Colors
  • Clear Acrylic Spray Sealer


  • Dish to hold the paint


  1. Click here for instructions on how to blow out the insides of your egg.
  2. Squeeze a little bit of each paint that you'd like to use on a dish.
  3. Lightly dip your finger in the paint and press it onto the egg shell. It will take a little practice to get just the right amount of paint on your finger so that it makes a nice print. If you like, you can practice on a piece of white paper before you begin.
  4. When you have finished creating your design, allow the egg shell to dry completely.
  5. In a well ventilated area, spray a coat of the acrylic sealer on the egg. This will prevent the paint from chipping and your egg will look great for many years to come!

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